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We have been using these books as part of our Online Safety workshops.
A great way to prompt discussions around Online Safety issues.

New Resource from Thinkuknow

Jessie & Friends
,  new online safety education resource for 4-7 year olds.

Based on a series of three fun, age-appropriate animations, Jessie & Friends follows Jessie, Mo and Tia as they view, share and game their way towards a safer future online. The animations are accompanied by:

a catchy song, storybooks and posters

– a detailed resource pack with engaging learning activities on key topics including trust, consent, and healthy and unhealthy online behaviours, plus guidance on safe and effective delivery of Jessie & Friends

To watch Jessie & Friends CLICK HERE  there are also videos with subtitles and BSL.

Thinkuknow Jessie & Friends Resource Pack

Thinkuknow Jessie & Friends_PSHE Association and Study Links

advice for parents and carers on using Jessie & Friends to start a positive, age-appropriate online safety conversation with their child

Play Like Share – KS2 resource:

Ply like and sharePlay Like Share helps children to identify the signs of pressurising and threatening behaviour in an age appropriate way. This is explored through highly relatable characters and non-frightening peer-on-peer scenarios, where children recognise tactics such as flattery or bribery or that feeling you might get when something’s not right. The resources aims to develop children’s confidence and skills to respond to these situations and get help when they need it.


play-like-share-workbook-level-1        play-like-share-workbook-level-2

CEOP – Play Like Share: Episode 1


CEOP – Play Like Share: Episode 2


CEOP – Play Like Share: Episode 3


Positive and unhealthy attention powerpoint presentation (8-11’s)

Self esteem and confidence activities powerpoint (8-11’s)

Thinkuknow Positive and unhealthy attention session plan (8-11’s)

Thinkuknow Self- esteem activity (8-11’s)

Parent’s letter to support positive attention activities

#Liveskills – ThinkUKnow

#Liveskills is a package of resources focusing on live streaming.

Live streaming is increasingly becoming one of the most popular online activities for children and young people. Apps such as,, Periscope and YouNow are all soaring in popularity, which has seen other well established apps such as Facebook adding live streaming functionss.

#LiveSkills explores the nuanced features of live streaming  and the specific risks children and young people can face.

 Key issues covered

  • The types of tactics offenders use on live streaming platforms
  • Skills to think critically about the people they meet online
  • Identifying and responding to pressure and manipulation online
  • Issues such as low confidence and self-esteem that can make children and young people particularly vulnerable ‘when live’
  • Understanding online sexual abuse and sources of support
  • Building resilience in children and young people
Be Internet Awesome is Google’s new Internet safety curriculum.

Be Internet Awesome is based on five key concepts for kids:

  • Share with care.
  • Don’t fall for fake.
  • Secure your secrets.
  • It’s cool to be kind.
  • When in doubt, talk it out.

BeInternetAwesome DigitalCitizenshipSafety

KidsSmart Kidsmart gives you lots of advice on how to stay safe online. There’s a section for kids under 11 years old and a separate section for those over 11 years old.
cbbc-staysafeDo you know how to stay safe online?

Dongle the rabbit will teach you all he knows with his video and quiz.

Below are two powerful videos, that have a strong online safety message, if you are under ten would advise to watch with an adult. If you have any questions or concerns always talk to your trusted adult.

CEOP – Jigsaw


CEOP – Tom’s Story

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