A Full Day of Computer Science

IMG_2034Today saw the third class visits from one of local schools – it was the turn of the year 4 class. They had a day packed full of learning – using Lego to build robots and then program them using WeDo software.

They then used ScratchJr to storyboard their own games – the teachers really liked this app and can’t wait to used it back in school. We finally finished the day with a session using 2Code on their schools Purplemash site.

Lots of learning as you can see from the Animoto video below.

BoltonSICT took ScratchJr to St Catherine’s

Have you used ScratchJr on your iPads?

In this video you can see highlights from an afternoon spent at St Catherine’s, this was the first time they had used ScratchJr. First they practiced using some prompt sheets, then planned their own program, next the fun bit … programming!

At the end of the video look out for the ScratchJR baseball game.

Well Done to eveyone a fab afternoon.