Why STEM? And what is it? SICT launch our STEM project loan boxes

STEM is the acronym used in England for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. We need to teach skills that will prepare our children for the future – occupations in STEM-related careers are some of the fastest growing and best paid of the 21st century, and they often have the greatest potential for job growth. STEM skills are important across different career paths and other aspects of life. STEM-related knowledge and skills are necessary across nearly all areas of employment and are crucial in many sectors.

SICT launch our STEM project loan boxes – All our STEM boxes come fully loaded with all the resources you need to teach a 4 week block on STEM in school. The boxes include; lesson plans, classroom resources, “How to…” guides and all the technology you need to get started.


Each box is loaned to school for 4 weeks with a Schools ICT curriculum consultant come in for a morning workshop to model teach, support staff in getting up to speed and ensuring the technology is working as it should in school.

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