Lego MindStorm with Devonshire Road

What a great way to finish this half term, we had both year6 classes visit from Devonshire Road Primary.
Class 6H had extra excitement as their bus broke down on the way to our centre! The classes were split into groups of four, their first challenge to overcome was to build both the sides of the robot simultaneously.
After lunch the programming challenges began:
Challenge1 a brief overview of the Mindstorm programming software and the aim was to program the robot to get as near to the wall but not touching. The pupils had to consider distance travelled, speed and wheel rotation, they could only have three attempts. You can see in the videos how successful the groups where.
Challenege2 was a little trickier as the groups added a colour sensor and then had to program their robot to stop on a designated colour.
Both classes worked collaboratively, learning new skills from each other – both the pupils and staff agreed that they had a great day.

Here’s our 2nd Esafety Competition winners – Eagley Juniors

Earlier this year BoltonSICT ran an Esafety competition for all Bolton Primary Schools.

With the changes to the curriculum and the raised importance of children learning how to stay safe on-line. We felt that by encouraging schools to get involved with Safer Internet Day or SID2015  this was an ideal opportunity to raise the awareness and importance of safeguarding and on-line learning.

Our overall winners were Gaskell Primary & Eagley Juniors – part of their prize was a trip to our training centre for a fun packed day of Computer Science.

Here are the highlights of Eagley Juniors‘ trip.

LegoMindStorm with StJoseph’s RC Primary

Finally,  it was the turn of the Year 6s to have their trip to Smithills and a day of computer science. We were really looking forward to this trip especially as Mrs Lyons had rang us to see if we want to get the big boxes of Lego out … Lego MindStorm !

The class worked in teams to build their robots  together in teams, WOW … when the kits were opened what a serious amount of Lego pieces!

Mr Mills set programming challenges – take a look at the video and see what they got up to.

BoltonSICT took ScratchJr to St Catherine’s

Have you used ScratchJr on your iPads?

In this video you can see highlights from an afternoon spent at St Catherine’s, this was the first time they had used ScratchJr. First they practiced using some prompt sheets, then planned their own program, next the fun bit … programming!

At the end of the video look out for the ScratchJR baseball game.

Well Done to eveyone a fab afternoon.

Cluster9 – embedding Kodu programming skills

Today was the follow up cluster9 Kodu workshop. In the summer we learnt about features of games we liked and then started to look at how we can start to program these features in our game. Together we storyboarded our game – our Kodu character had to follow a path to reach the treasure that was protected by a evil character in the castle at the top of the hill, of course there were dangers along the path. Mr Mills helped us to write our program and we then have to go back to our school to share our learn. The photos show the highlights of the morning.