Gilnow primary visit BoltonSICT

This week we had year3 and year4 from Gilnow Primary School. They had a fun packed of Computer Science they used Lego WeDo to make a hungry crocodile and goal keeper.

In the afternoon year3 started to use Kudo and year4 used scratch and 2Code in Purplemash. Here you can see some of their highlights.

Cluster7 schools day @BoltonSICT

What a great way to finish the week!

Our  cluster 7 schools – Blackrod Primary, Blackrod Chruch, Chorley New Road, Claypool, Horwich Parish, St Catherine’s and St Mary’s Primary Schools; each sent a group of year2 children.

Their focus for the day was to use Lego WeDo – building Lego robots and then completing the programming challenges. They made Tweeting Birds and the trickier mechanical Goalkeeper. When the children started to program there were lots of aspects to consider: programming sounds on a continuous loop, directions and how speed could make the challenge easier or hardier for whoever was playing.

I know the team here @BoltonSICT had a great day – cluster7 were pupils were great ambassadors for your school, you must be so proud.

Well Done !