Two SamLabs in one day !!!

LegoMindStorm with StJoseph’s RC Primary

Finally,  it was the turn of the Year 6s to have their trip to Smithills and a day of computer science. We were really looking forward to this trip especially as Mrs Lyons had rang us to see if we want to get the big boxes of Lego out … Lego MindStorm !

The class worked in teams to build their robots  together in teams, WOW … when the kits were opened what a serious amount of Lego pieces!

Mr Mills set programming challenges – take a look at the video and see what they got up to.

The Gates parent iPad project

TheGates LogoThe Gates Primary Schools was recently successful in obtaining some Lottery funding to promote family links within school,  I was asked to deliver a block of after school parent & children sessions where the focus was – using iPads to support their child at home.

I have demonstrated how teachers use Purplemash in their lessons, recapped how to log on and save. We have used lots of computer science app like LightBot, Kodable and beeBot apps. Last we were using apps that made puppets and photos talk – iFunface, Morpho  and Yakit Kids – there has been lots of hands on, nervousness and much laughter!

Highlights from our Computing subject leader day

CurriculumLogo The focus for the day was:

Updates from BoltonSICT – Office365 migration and Computing Assessment package

    • Presentations from the teaching & learning team from TTS – TTSComputing from EYFS through to Yr6 which included lots of hands on BeeBots,  BlueBots, ProBots & looking further on using Pi2Go.

Computer Science and Blogging

Well first day back after a half term and off on a school trip!

Today saw the fouth class visits from one of local schools – it was the turn of the year 5 class. They had a day packed full of learning – using Lego to build robots and then program them using WeDo software.

In the afternoon their focus was an introduction to blogging, click here to see what they though of their day

Lots of learning as you can see from the Animoto video below.