Inspirational Women at the Inspire Awards 2019

What a fabulous evening of celebrating Inspirational Women at the Inspire Awards 2019.  

Just the fact that Deb was nominated for inspiring Women in Technology Award is enough for the team.

Our Debs’ might not have won tonight but is inspirational in our and many other people’s minds, she has changed children’s lives (and a few parents) for the better.

Congrats on well-deserved nomination and thanks for all your hard work. 

#InspireAwards2019 #InspireWomenAwards2019


Deb’s own world …

Deb felt like she had missed out yesterday when our computing subject leaders had an out of world experience using Virtual Reality!

So, before the set returned to its rightful owner, Deb got her hands on the head set, she travelled through space and waved at the International Space station, we don’t think Tim Peakes has anything to be worried about !

This clip shows her entering the haunted house, much to the entertainment of the rest of the team (giggles can be heard in the background) as she ducks to avoid the flying bats, she bumps into a wall and then jumps out of her skin !!

A highlight to our Friday afternoon 🙂