Lego let loose @BoltonSICT

News is spreading through our schools here in Bolton, regarding our computing trip. This time is was the turn of St Maxentius school to come to our training centre.

They spent the day using the Lego software WeDo, they used the ipads to record their learning. In the afternoon a small group were chosen to work with Mr Mills using the LEGO Mindstorm – just opening the box looked complicated!  Here is a video of some of the highlights:

Fab, fun day of learning

Over then next few months we are going to be having regular visits from one of local schools – the first class to visit was their imageyear 2 class. They had a day packed full of learning – using Lego to build robots and then program them using WeDo software. In the afternoon the ipads were out, they used purplemash to create out rainforest creepy crawlies,  learnt how to search and save images safely and then used the app – Book Creator .

If you were on this trip,  we would love to hear your comments from the day

Esafety Days @BoltonSICT

Busy day at our training centre – Esafety Day .

The morning focus was CEOP Esafety training. In the afternoon an app quiz, a presentation by a school who recently attended the ‘Making Children Safer Online Conference ran by Jim Gamble & Ineqe Group – very thought provoking fact and figures – how various agencies support our young people when online.

We also looked at resources for Bolton schools and discussed what happens next.

If you attended this share your comments following this day.

Cluster9 – embedding Kodu programming skills

Today was the follow up cluster9 Kodu workshop. In the summer we learnt about features of games we liked and then started to look at how we can start to program these features in our game. Together we storyboarded our game – our Kodu character had to follow a path to reach the treasure that was protected by a evil character in the castle at the top of the hill, of course there were dangers along the path. Mr Mills helped us to write our program and we then have to go back to our school to share our learn. The photos show the highlights of the morning.

Our Computing School Trip

Today saw the first school computing trip to Bolton Schools ICT Centre.

St Osmund & Andrew School came for a whole day  of computing activities. In the morning children worked in pairs building Lego robots and then used the computer to program the robot. In the afternoon there were two activities –  using specific control and programming apps on the ipads –  Bee-Bot, LightBot, Kodable and the new Scratch Jr. The other activity was to use new log in details to PurpleMash and again concentrating on developing their programming skills the children used the program – 2Code.

It was a long day but before the children knew it, it was time to go home, you can see fro the video it was a fun packed learning day !

If you attended this day, it would be great if you could share what you enjoyed and learnt from your trip .

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