Our first trip of the academic year

Our first trip of the academic year

Our first trip of the year , and what a fabulous days we have had.

Using Lego Mindstorm we worked in groups to build our robot, building the robot took most of the morning as it was rather tricky!

Once it was built we discussed how detailed programming needs to be because if steps are missed out, it just won’t work! We looked at when programming the motors in at different speeds will effect how the robot moves.

The Table Challenge:

  • Using the colour sensor to sense a black line, reserve slight and change direction.

In our photos you can see us through the building process and then at the challenge table.

4 thoughts on “Our first trip of the academic year”

  1. When we went on the ICT day at Smithills high, school I enjoyed working with my friends Kurtis and Ruby. We had a great time coding and I learnt how to build a robot body and fix a computer on top of it. It is also a good thing that we had a great teacher called Mrs. Lyons. I shout out to her for being so challenging and fun with us.

  2. When we went on a visit to Smithills I learned how to programme and it was a lot of fun.I worked with Louie and Ellie A, who was great team mates,we all worked as a good team and let all of us take part! The programming was very hard but all of us kept on trying and at the end of the day my team programmed our robot and was very proud of our work! Our teacher for the day was very nice and friendly and helped us a lot.

  3. In my ICT lesson which, Mrs Lyons taught us we learnt how to program a robot and after that me Kayla and Brooke when to the testing table and a couple of times and it didn’t work but a few more try’s it was successful

  4. In the ICT lesson with Mrs Lyons, we learned how to code Lego. Me and my team-Brooke, Michelle an Enrique- did it right and then we programed it to go backwards and to stop at the black line. It was extremely fun!

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