Minecraft & the Egyptians with The Ferns Academy

Today we travelled back in time with Yr3 and Yr4 pupils from The Ferns Academy to the time of the Egyptians.

We used Minecraft to build our own Egyptian artefacts.

We designed and built our own Cyanotic jars, Egyptian jewellery, pyramids and the trickiest challenge was to build our own Sarcophagus.

Here’s some interesting facts you may not know:

Canopic jars

Imsety had a human head, protected the liver.

Qebehsenuf had the head of a falcon and guarded the intestines.

Hapy had a baboon head protected the lungs.

Duamatef had the head of a jackal, and guarded the stomach.

The word ‘sarcophagus’ is derived from Greek words “sarx” meaning “flesh”, and “phagien” meaning “to eat” derived from a Greek word for “flesh-eating.

If you attend this trip, please share you highlights of the day and why.


  • Theo

    Yesterday was really fun! It was great to use Minecraft to learn about the Ancient Egyptians. I want to do it again!!!!

  • Bronson

    I really enjoyed building Ancient Egyptian artifacts and pyramids. It really encouraged me to use Minecraft more when learning about new things.

  • Ritchie

    I thought the Minecraft Day was really fun. I enjoyed learning how to build up me skills and build new objects.

  • Kyle

    It was amazing! I loved building lots of new structures and developing my skills. I was able to teach others tricks on how to be better at Minecraft.

  • Emily

    It was fantastic! As i got to build many different structures based on our topic. I even got to be a teaching assistant for the day and help Mrs Temel.

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