Digital Leaders Workshop – Stop Frame Animation

Welcome to the newly appointed Digital Leaders from St Andrews Over Hulton & St Peters Farnworth.

Lights, camera action… our digital leaders produced their version of Walking through the Jungle written by Julie Lacome.

They planned their animation , tested the cameras and then started… they soon realised the secret was to keep the camera still and take enough still shots so then they can be edited.

We all really enjoyed the workshop, that they can’t wait to wear their new digital leader badges in school,  and start to share their new skills in their class.

3 thoughts on “Digital Leaders Workshop – Stop Frame Animation”

  1. When we did our stop animation lesson it was amazing! We got ideas from a book called Walking Through The Jungle. My favourite bit was when I made the person slide down the crocodiles back. When we finished our animations they were amazing!

  2. It was awesome lesson we all loved it. Walking through the jungle was a great book to use. We all worked well together. We are now going to do blogging and teaching our class stop go animation. By Emma

  3. It was a great lesson I learnt so much we all thought it was fantastic . Walking through the jungle was a great inspiration and a great book to use. we all worked really well together and storyboarding before making the video was an amazing idea. iCanAnimate was an awesome software and the video looked amazing. My favourite scene was when the monkey fell over. by Harley

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