Online Safety & Scratch2 @Queensbridge

We were asked to go into Queensbridge to work with their year6’s, looking at how to use scratch to begin to program their multiple choice online safety quizzes. As it was Safer Internet Day #SID17  part of the morning session was use to plan possible question and discuss answers.

Hopefully some of these will be finished in time to enter our competition.

Good Luck


  • Mrs Fox

    This is lovely to see. Thank you for coming to show our year 6 class how to programme with Scratch. I was really impressed with the games they have made so far. They ended up with some very complicated code and had to use logical thinking to debug any problems. I can’t wait to see the completed games.

  • coby and rick

    nice video. we have learned how to do scratch thanks for coming to teach us at Queensbridge.

  • Megan Smethurst and Oliwia Plachecka

    Thank you Mrs Lyon, we both enjoyed ourselves and im sure everyone else did too. Megan and Oliwia will both be
    posting our safer internet quizzes. Thank you for devoting your time to teach us! Your visit was awesome!

  • Booby Ken


  • Alice and Saffa

    Thank you for your lesson with year 6. We were delighted to work on this programme. We hope to work with you again soon. Within your lessons, we had learnt loads. Thanks once again.

  • David

    it is brilliant thanks for coming to queensbridge it was good education

  • Emma

    I really Enjoyed making this Quiz! It was really fun. The best part of it was that you could type the speech in! I hope we can do more thighs like this in the future! Although, it was very confusing I still had a go at it and I really liked it! Thanks for coming Mrs Lyons. I really appreciated it!

  • Jae

    It was very fun!

  • Sam Barnett Raihanur Rahman (pupils)

    I love using scratch it really makes me think about what code block to use. Even though it can get tricky at times its a good think because in future I will then know how to do it. My favourite thing I’ve made is the online safety quiz because we are testing other people on their knowledge as well as our own. Thank you Mrs Lyons for coming in teaching us all of this. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed scratch..

  • katie and keanee

    Thanks for coming to are school and we loved scratch it is cool thanck you from Katie and keane

    p.s keane said he loves scratch

  • katie and keane

    I love it

  • jess and chloe

    hi mrs lyon it was good having you but not to lie I don’t like scratch2 and chloe apsilutlyl loves iut she would love you to come back and teach her everything eles

  • Courtney M & Aminah H

    Thank you for coming to Queensbridge primary school we loved it and we learnt loads about scratch also about staying safe online and making the right choices. We had a great mentor Mrs Lyons she was loads of fun and she made the best online safety quiz that I had seen before. It was amazing. she treated us like adults and we respected that. So thank you Mrs Lyons so much for this excellent experience!

  • jeff

    I liked it was very good

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