Minecraft and Mayans!

Minecraft and Mayans!

MineCraftMinecraft and Mayans!

Today we had the pleasure of welcoming Spindle Point’s Year 6s. Their focus for their trip was using Minecraft as part of their learning and links with their Mayans topic.

Here are some of the highlights from their day.

5 thoughts on “Minecraft and Mayans!”

  1. When we went there it was so fun because Mrs Temel, who was very nice, showed us every thing we needed to know to play minecraft. Thank you!

  2. We all had a fantastic day, thank you Ms Temel. As class teacher it was great to see all of the children engaged and learning for the entire day- not one child asked when dinner was!
    We have carried on the learing back at school- we are going to write about the trip in our next English lesson.

  3. I was alreay a minecraft expert but liked how it linked to mayan work i especially liked the mayan el castillio and how it has 365 steps. I wonder how long did it take the to build it?

  4. I had a brilliant day yesterday (24th November) I already knew how to play minecraft and I forgotten a couple skills but the lovely teachers helped me, my friends also forgotten a couple skills too so I decided to help them!

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