St Peter’s Farnworth visit BoltonSICT

Today we were really looking forward to our trip to St Peter’s Farnworth visiting Bolton Schools ICT, they had a little extra excitement on our way to Smithills, as they called off via Bolton Science Technology Centre first!

So once the robots were built, Mr Mills gave us a brief overview of the Mindstorm programming software, let the challenges begin.

Challenge one – to program the robot move in a straight line (but not over the black line) turn at 90° then program the robot to get as near to the wall but not touching. The pupils had to consider distance travelled, speed and wheel rotation, they could only have three attempts. You can see in the videos how successful the groups where.

Challenege two – was a little trickier, the groups now used the colour sensor and then had to program their robot to stop on at designated colour and turn 90°, straight on and the turn again.

If you attended this trip, share your highlights.


  • Katie

    I reallly enjoyed going to Smithills ICT center . We got to learn all about programing lego and making it move with a motor. Mr Mills and Mrs Lyons were very helpfull and taught us all about how to program the robot to move in different directions. I now also know how to program the robot to react to color scensors.

  • Josh

    I had a fantastic day at SICT! Unbelievably, I learned how to build an amazing robot from lego and then had the chance to program it to move and turn at angles. Mr Mills taught me alot about how to control the robot through the computer program. It was a brilliant day!

  • Ebony

    My favourite part of the trip to SICT was constructing the robot from the tiny pieces of lego. After we had built the robot, I was amazed that we could program them to actually move. I loved the challanges that we had to complete in the afternoon, We all wanted to win!

  • Nathan

    I really enjoyed it! I was the one who wanted Mrs Lyons job because i love playing with lego and its just really cool. Iwould really go again and if I had the chance to take Mrs Lyons job i definately would do. My favourite part was building the robot. it was so fun.

  • Julia

    I thought the building was very complicated but we all worked as a team to get it built. When we go to program the robot to move forward, then turn right, I thought it was easier. We had to work out how far to make the robot move so that it didnt bump into the wall. It was so much fun!

  • Jenson

    I really liked just watching the robot move because I never knew you could make lago blocks move on there own. I would really like to go back it was such a good experience. The teachers there were really good and they knew lots about ICT. Year 6 worked as a team to accomplish the difficult task of making the lego move on its own.

  • Millie

    Amazingly , I loved working with my team (the terrific teckers) . It was fabulous how we made the robot especially, how we made it move . We accepted all the difficuilt challenges, such as making the actual robot also making the robot move – it was so challemging . I felt like giving up but then I had the courage not to .

  • Matthew

    I loved it at the SICT centre. I liked it because you actually had to make the car, instead of it already made when we got there. I enjoyed the programming the most. I liked debugging until we got the perfect combination to make the robot move where we wanted it to go.

  • Charlie

    On Tuesday I had an amazing time – it was spectacular! It was quite hard though. The hardest part was giving the robot the instuction to do a 90 degree turn. We worked together and we did achived it – we didnt touch the wall once! We had to make sure that when we gave the instruction we couldnt make it go to fast or slow or let it go for to long. I had a great time .

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