Lego MindStorm with Devonshire Road

What a great way to finish this half term, we had both year6 classes visit from Devonshire Road Primary.
Class 6H had extra excitement as their bus broke down on the way to our centre! The classes were split into groups of four, their first challenge to overcome was to build both the sides of the robot simultaneously.
After lunch the programming challenges began:
Challenge1 a brief overview of the Mindstorm programming software and the aim was to program the robot to get as near to the wall but not touching. The pupils had to consider distance travelled, speed and wheel rotation, they could only have three attempts. You can see in the videos how successful the groups where.
Challenege2 was a little trickier as the groups added a colour sensor and then had to program their robot to stop on a designated colour.
Both classes worked collaboratively, learning new skills from each other – both the pupils and staff agreed that they had a great day.

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  • Deb Lyons

    These are some of the comments the pupils wrote on their school blog about their trip:

    Akram says:
    When we got to Bolton ICT I knew it was going to be awesome. We programmed and made a Lego robot and it was very fun. Also thank you Mr Mills and Mrs Lyons for having us.

    Eden says:
    It was very fun building the Lego robots and we thank Mr Mills and Mrs Lyons for inviting us on this trip. Also Mr Mills and Mrs Lyons were great fun and were very helpful and taught us to work as a team.

    Georgia says:
    I really liked our trip to BICT Centre. It was full of fun and excitement and we got to program our very own robot made out of Lego! Thank you to Mrs Lyons and Mr Mills for organising a very cool day for us! Our group was called HyperLinkers and we had Me (Georgia), Emily, Haroon and Quincy. I really want to come again. Thank you BICT Centre!

    Arbaz says:
    On Tuesday Class 6P went to ICT Centre. To learn how to program a robot. The first try we did it we failed to make the opposite side of the robot and after 3 attempts we finally made the other leg of the robot . Mr Mills talked us how to make a robot and how to program it on the laptop. All thanks To Mr Mills and Mrs Lyons.

    0192009jd says:
    On Tuesday Class 6P went on a trip to Bolton ICT centre to learn how to programme a robot using a laptop and coding skills. We tried 2 challenges we successfully managed it after a couple of attempts. We worked as a team and the 2 teachers were really good. They made my ICT skills better. It was a great trip. Thank you to the 2 teachers who taught us how to programme a robot and made our coding skills a lot better. We had to make the robot steer to go onto the colour using the colour sensor and our team successfully managed it!

    Woody says:
    The trip was amazing because I learned that all of the Lego can be programmed by a computer and also our amazing group was called the Majestic megabytes and in that group was Eden,Luke,Jemima and Abubakr. Thank you Mrs Lyons for letting us going to the amazing ICT centre.

    Taylor says:
    I am saying thank you to Mr Mills and Mrs Lyons for letting us go to Smithills School to learn about coding.

    0192009mh says:
    Bolton ICT centre was really fun. We learnt how to programme a Lego robot to drive in many directions. Also my team (The Virus) worked well as a group and none of us fell out. Thank you to Mrs Lyons and Mr Mills for helping us.

    Abu Abu says:
    Today we went on a trip to Bolton ICT centre. They taught us how to do coding and programming a robot with Lego. I have learnt how to work as team and let everyone participate during these activities. Thank you for Mr Mills and Mrs Lyons for helping me and my team. I really loved this trip and can’t wait for our next one.

    0192009at says:
    I had lots of fun building lego,I was the fastest builder.We did really good teamwork and I’m glad I got to work with Mrs Lyons and Mr Mills. We had to build a lego machine and download,run then we had to make it not touch the wall. Later we made a colour sensor and we tried to make the machine go to the blue colour but unfortunately our machine turned left too much.

    0192009bh says:
    Yesterday I had a lot of fun doing programming at Smithlls school ICT Centre and I’m sure everyone else did to. My favourite part was the challenges, and programming an algorithm to make The robot Stop at the blue color. Unfortunately our robot had a slight technical difficulty following our algorithm making it go off the mat. I learned a lot and I will use the skills I learnt to good use. I would like to thank Mrs lyons and Mr miles for helping us and teaching us all day.

    Huma says:
    I enjoyed the trip to Bolton ICT Centre. First Mr Patel split us into groups of fours,then we thought of a group name my group name was The Virus .In my group was Destiney ,me (Huma),Marcus,Alihan .We made a robot out of Lego using instructions on the Laptop .We worked as a team.It was tricky but we finally got there in the end.We did a challenge at the end.Thank you Mr Mills and Mrs Lyons. Huma Aslam

    0192009fd says:
    On Tuesday 20th October we went to Smithills ICT Centre and learned about coding and how to program our robots. We all really enjoyed it and had a lot of fun. We learnt so many new things. Thank you so much to Mrs Lyons and Mr Mills for teaching us about coding and how to program our robots. Fazila

    0192009iq says:
    On Tuesday Class 6P went on a trip to Bolton ICT Centre.I have learned lots of skills today with Mr Mills and Mrs Lyons .My group worked really hard.We worked together and finally succeeded.We had to build a robot and program it.Mr Mills gave us a hand.It was really exiting and fun.We made the robot out of Lego!It was fun building Lego robots!We all got a part to do.We also had a second challenge.We had to move our robot to a colour,The colours were red,blue,yellow and green.My team was called mystery coding!It took a very long time to do it but we finally succeeded!Thankyou Mr Mills and Mrs Lyons!

    0192009kw says:
    On Tuesday we went on a trip to BICT centre it was really fun and I also really like Mr Mills and Mrs Lyons and I worked with Sameer,Isra,Leah and we all worked together very well.

    0192009TS says:
    Bolton ICT was the perfect place place to improve our coding skills. We also improved our team work as we worked in teams to complete certain tasks . Firstly we had to build our robot from Lego Mindstorm pieces. My team (Banter Virus) completed and won the first challenge earning ourselves 20 points. The challenge was to program the robot to get as close to the wall as possible without touching it. The second challenge was to get the robot to stop on a certain colour. However my teams coding ability was not enough to complete the challenge. My team and the Majestic Megabytes had the most extra points at the end of the workshop. Thank you Mrs Lyons and Mr Mills for the fantastic school trip

    QE says:
    I just want to say thank you Mr Mills and Mrs Lyons for bringing out the best of all of us and bringing out our coding skills. You really made life a lot more fun and easier.Thank you for all your support!!!!!!!!

    0192009ha3 says:
    We had an amazing time at Bolton ICT centre thanks to the teachers who worked there it was fabulous. I wish I could go again we all had a great time and we all learnt more coding and we also developed our group learning skills thanks for planning a great trip! I liked this I hope we can go again.

    019bladenj says:
    I am just so jealous that I couldn’t go – although I suspect that the activities might have been a little difficult for me. 8-( Mrs B xx

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