Esafety Days @BoltonSICT

Esafety Days @BoltonSICT

Busy day at our training centre – Esafety Day .

The morning focus was CEOP Esafety training. In the afternoon an app quiz, a presentation by a school who recently attended the ‘Making Children Safer Online Conference ran by Jim Gamble & Ineqe Group – very thought provoking fact and figures – how various agencies support our young people when online.

We also looked at resources for Bolton schools and discussed what happens next.

If you attended this share your comments following this day.

20 thoughts on “Esafety Days @BoltonSICT”

  1. Fantastic training. Going to run e-safety event for parents and staff. Will continue to do e-safety throughout the school but make all staff aware for their classes and look out new resources for the children. All the material was good and the presenters know their ‘stuff’

  2. Great day learning about the risks that children face when going online. Shocking statistics about children’s use of the internet, what they are going on and the amount of time spent on the web. Food for thought…

  3. A very useful, and illuminating course. Did a very good job of enlivening material that is, on occasion, a little bit ‘dry’. Both speakers delivered the course very well, and I discovered some social media and other websites, too… Thanks!

  4. Lots of facts and information that will hopefully drive forward “Digital Citizenship.” The comments linking cyberbullying to grooming were eye-opening.

  5. Some frightening statistics! A fab course which has given me lots of ideas for how we can move forward in school.
    Thank you!

  6. This was a really eye-opening day. I thought that I was pretty clued up on the world wide web, but there’s just so much more out there that you don’t realise. It’s been a really great course for finding out how to really make e-safety and safe online access really relatable to young children. I love the concept of making children responsible digital citizens, rather than just preaching what not to do.

    A really useful training day. Thank you!
    Prestolee CP School

  7. An important refresher for e-safety. Opportunity for discussion with other professionals. Very useful overall. This will affect what we do in school and we will be making immediate tweaks: eg the way we address parents, Media Charter for kids and parents to sign and sharing new resources with staff.

  8. A very informative day. Some real resources to engage older children and really get the point across. Excellent, up to date knowledge. Lots to take back to school.

  9. A very informative day of e-safety training. Lots of good ideas and thought provoking statements. Will be taking lots of information back to school with me. Thank you!

  10. A really informative day, with a lot of useful ideas and concepts to think about in school. I will be taking these ideas back to the classroom. Thank you.

  11. Very informative, a real eye opener. Good up to date information – we now know how to improve practice =. Good ideas given by trainers and other colleagues. Some of the resources suggested will also be used within our school to raise the children’s awareness (year 5/6 in particular). There were some goo suggestions for parental involvement

  12. Great course with up-to-date information.
    Lots of things to discuss in next staff meeting. I think what Wendy said about real risk is cyberbullying rather than grooming really made sense.
    Glad we’ve got new resources (Roar) to use in class.

  13. Very informative day, highlighted the real risks children who go online face and our responsibility as educators to work alongside children and families in keeping children safe. Thank you

  14. informative regarding esafety training and risks that children can be faced with.
    knowing to upload the CEOP button and empower children to turn to childline as a support and reporting procedure. thanks

  15. Absolutely fantastic course, so many great ideas and some very sobering figures. Cannot even begin to state how useful this session was.

    As a result, I will be ensuring we have reporting buttons and more eSafety resource links available on our school website and blogs. I will be rewriting the eSafety curriculum to update it. I will also be preparing a full week of activities for Safer Internet Day 2015, including parent sessions and off timetable eSafety activities.

  16. An excellent course, delivered in an interesting way by very knowledgeable speakers. There was lots of information which really got me thinking at times. It gave me lots to take back to school and discuss with the other staff.

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