Schools Using the council Authorise Petty Cash process

For many years now some schools have utilised a Petty Cash solution that pulls data out of FMS, processes the petty cash and produces a file to send to the finance department.  About 12 months ago Capita tweaked the FMS product via the usual updates and stopped the petty cash solution from working.  

We worked with the software developer to find an alternative solution but the solution they produced simply didn’t work and caused major problems for us and other authorities.  We have now developed an in-house solution that we have trailed in a few schools and are now ready to release to all schools using petty cash.  

We therefore propose to complete the following:- 

  •  At some point week beginning 16th April (a separate email will be sent with full details on when your school will be upgraded) we will upgrade all schools to the latest version of FMS (Spring 2018) this will stop petty cash working in schools that utilise this solution. 
  •  Following the upgrade Malcolm will be in touch (within 2 weeks) to configure the new solution and to demonstrate how to use it. 

The new solution will take data from FMS and will provide a file to send via Anycomms, it’s the bit in the middle that will be different.

Schools who we believe this will affect should have received an email explaining  these steps, if you didn’t please contact the schools ICT Unit.

Due to the fact FMS hasn’t been upgraded for 12 months in some schools we feel we have no option but to upgrade everyone and then implement the new solution following that.  

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause and will work hard to minimise disruption. 

Any queries please contact the schools ICT Unit via the usual channels.