Continuing the theme … St Brendan’s RoboWars Morning

It’s a busy week for school trips this week, today saw the Year5s from St Brendan’s visit – but only for the morning, so continuing yesterday theme of RoboWars the challenge was set.

First they built the pulley robot – as a trial – once programmed & changed different wheels etc these prototypes were broke it up ! Our challenge was to built our own robot in 45mins ready for a RoboWars Tug of War.

Here are the highlights!

IMG_1213 IMG_1214 IMG_1218 IMG_1220










They left Smithills at lunch off to their next adventure … Den Building!

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RoboWars with The Valley Year4s

This week we had one of the year 4 classes from the The Valley Primary School. We used Lego WeDo2 looking at the features of Milo and how he could be programmed. We built the pulley robot and then adapted it for our own version of RoboWars!

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Our first ever visit from Year1s

Over the last couple of years St Joseph’s RCP have sent each of their year2 classes upwards for a day of Computer Science.

This year we decided that we could not leave the year1s outs any longer … we think you can see we had a great day, see you next year!

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Lego Mindstorm with STOC

This week saw two year 6 classes, from St Thomas of Canterbury visit our training centre, and what a fabulous two days we have had.

Using Lego Mindstorm the pupils worked in groups to build their robot and then work into pair for the programming challenge. We discussed how detailed programming needs to be because if steps are missed out, it just won’t work!

The Table Challenge:

  • Using the colour sensor to sense a black line, reserve slight and change direction.
  • Using the ultra sonic sensor to detect an object, again reserve and change direction.
  • Having then added an additional touch sensor, use this to start the program and make it run for 20 seconds !

See the highlights from both visits below, would be great to hear your comments if you attended these days!

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St Gregory’s RC Primary claim their Online Safety prize!

Earlier on in the year we ran our Online Safety competition for primary schools linked to Safer Internet Day  We were please to announce that St Gregory’s RC primary won!

Their prize was a trip to our training centre for a day of computing using Lego. We had a selection of children from year3 – year6, some used Lego WeDo2 and some used Lego Mindstorm.

Here are our highlights.

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Let’s get ready to Lego Mindstorm

As well as The Valley primary school we also has a visit from the year6s from St Joseph’s RC Primary . This was their second visit to SICT for a Computer Science day and the challenge was set:

  • Build the Mindstorm robot,
  • step up to the challenge table,
  • program the robot to sense the black line and change directions
  • then extend the program – if the robot senses an object again change direction.
  • Take a look at their video highlights

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Its the summer term and we’re busy with school trips

So the next few blogs will all have the same theme , school visits!

Here are the highlights from The Valley’s year6 pupils, some children used the new Lego WeDo2 resources and some used the Lego Mindstorm.

Did you attend this trip , what were your highlight?

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